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What's your thinking style? Complete this test to identify your mental strengths and weaknesses

Updated: Jun 2

thinking styles

Your brain is your most valuable tool — you use it every day to solve problems, make decisions, and navigate our complex world. But how well do you really know your own mind? And what kind of thinker are you? What's your thought process?

This free, fun rational thinking style quiz will teach you a lot about your own thought patterns. It uses your responses to 21 brain-teasing questions to create a detailed report on your mental characteristics, including:

  • Which of 16 reasoning styles you use, with a description of your style

  • Your overall level of rationality relative to the population

  • Your performance on 4 subscales, including quantitative reasoning and cognitive awareness

  • Details about your specific strengths and weaknesses

  • Links to resources that can help you shore up your rationality skills

Which of the 16 thinking styles did we identify best captures the way you think?

This entertaining and useful quiz is one of our most popular programs — it's a great way to learn more about how your mind works, or to have fun tackling some tricky, entertaining logic puzzles. Click here to give it a try - it is free.

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