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The Best Of Clearer Thinking in 2023

2023 is almost over, and we want to highlight our best work from this year, including our interactive tools, podcast episodes, and articles. Also, we want to share what you can look forward to in 2024!

Our Best Interactive Tools 🛠️

In 2023, we launched 13 brand-new interactive, free-to-use tools. In total, over  40,000 people discovered our tools - so, thank you very much if you were one of them!

Here are the three most popular tools we’ve launched this year:

  • The Ultimate Personality Test:  We ran studies comparing the predictive power of the most popular personality tests and have used the insights we gained to develop the Ultimate Personality Test. You can try it now, to get a personalized report with your Big Five, Enneagram, and Jungian Type (inspired by MBTI)—the three most popular frameworks—all in one test, plus a breakdown of what our studies tell us about the accuracy of these assessments!

  • Artificial Intelligence Quiz: Test your knowledge of artificial intelligence and some of the risks it poses!

  • Your Quarterly Life Review: Most of us can benefit from regularly reflecting on our lives, but few people make the time to do so. This tool is designed to make that easier.

Our Best Podcasts 🎙️

In 2023, we have launched 52 podcast episodes so far, representing approximately 3,120 minutes of in-depth conversations about human psychology, philosophy, technology, and more. In total, the Clearer Thinking Podcast was downloaded over 440.000 times

Here are the three most popular podcast episodes we’ve launched  this year:

Our Best Articles 📝

In 2023, we published 42 blog posts across a wide variety of topics. In total, our Blog reached over 85,000 readers worldwide. 

Here are the three most popular blog posts we’ve published this year:

Our Best Newsletters ✉️

In 2023, we sent 48 newsletters, which were read over 2,500,000 times by approximately 220,000 subscribers

Here are the three most popular newsletters:

What's next?

2023 was a fantastic year for Clearer Thinking. Through our research, content and interactive tools, we were able to significantly increase our impact in comparison with the previous year. 

For 2024, we plan to work diligently to launch new podcasts, newsletters, and interactive tools to improve your life. Actually, our team is already researching and working on launching new interactive tools such as tools for:

  • Practicing gratitude

  • Assessing and combating imposter syndrome

  • Flexible thinking

  • And a Dashboard to keep track of all your Clearer Thinking tool reports!

We’ll also be publishing new tools from our 2023 Micro Grants program, in which readers pitch tools to us and receive grants to collaborate with us in producing them! We plan to run this program again in the summer of 2024, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

To combat the replication crisis, we'll keep running replications of new psychology studies published in top journals.  You can read about our Transparent Replications project (and how to support us) by clicking here.

Lastly, we've been working on ways people can join us in our mission by becoming active supporters or even helping us create more high-quality and research-backed content. Look out for this next year!

Thanks for sticking with us through 2023. We hope that our content helped you think better, understand yourself more deeply, and made it easier to take action towards your goals. 

If you have suggestions on how we can improve in the coming year, don't hesitate to get in touch and let us know! Please also consider sharing this newsletter (or any of our content) with your friends - this is always a powerful way to help us gain visibility.


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